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White Waves

Light Therapy

At Spirit of Living, I use both infrared and red (yellow and blue) light therapies in treatments.  

The infrared treatment is administered by lying on a crystal infused mat that emits infrared heat frequencies. This helps reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system, increase circulation, reduce pain, stress, and fatigue, as well as soothe sore muscles and relax the entire body.  

Red Light Therapy (which can also be yellow, blue, or a combination) is used in conjunction with microneedling treatments to stimulate collagen production, increase fibroblast production, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, and so much more. Yellow and blue lights are more beneficial for discolorations or acne treatments.  

In addition to using Red Light Therapy for skin health it can also be used for wound healing, joint pain, and increase ATP production in muscle tissue. Light therapy is a safe and effective treatment with no side effects and can be booked as a service by itself.  

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