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White Waves

Inner Alchemy

Esoteric acupuncture is a deep dive into your emotional work. Working with your energy, acupuncture meridian system, chakras, and sacred geometry this approach creates an expansion and awareness of life from a place of presence, unconditional love, and heart-based living. This style of acupuncture deals specifically with spirit and emotion, as well as supporting the growth areas of your life to facilitate your awakening consciousness and heal past wounds.  

It’s 90 minutes of you lying on a table (possibly embracing a current challenge), having acupuncture and energy work (Qi Gong and Reiki combo), and being curious as to what comes up. There may be questions, meditations, or reflections that come from it. After the needles are removed, you receive tuina massage to integrate the flow a little more. Expect journaling and reflection as a follow up.  

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