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Inner Alchemy Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the art of fine tuning the body and learning to live in it, to create healing from its own wisdom and resources. It enables your body to dissolve stagnation, build energy, and realign your own internal communication.   


Conversations we will have about your life and where disharmony is occurring inside and outside the body are crucial so that you can make changes resulting in harmonious living.   

During your first session we will converse about your current and past symptoms, how you view your health, nutritional needs, digestive health, stressors, lifestyle, and so much more. During and after the intake we will discuss goals and needs moving forward and how we can work as a team to meet those.

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An acupuncture treatment follows from this conversation and will include the strategic placement of needles, and optionally tuina massage or cupping.  We will also work out a treatment plan in which you can begin implementing lifestyle, nutrition, and other changes to work toward resolution of your symptoms and healing the root cause of your internal disharmony. 

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