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About Me

I'm Michelle and I have been working in healing for nearly 3 decades. I bring with me an integrative knowledge of the body mind system and a quest for spiritual development. I listen deeply which helps me reflect back the brilliance you bring with you that you aren't yet able to realize for yourself.  


It is my desire to help you focus on your emotional and spiritual development. In order to do this, we also need to create a solid foundation of physical and mental health along the way. It's a privilege to engage with you in a unique treatment style that provides you with tools to decrease stress, improve physical health, find mental clarity, and emotional stability while moving through this spiritual journey of life.  

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are steeped in ways to enrich your life and help you connect more deeply to yourself if you allow the process to unfold. This is also true of the coaching I offer.  These I bring together in my work so it is with great pleasure I strive to help you to live fully with more joy, compassion and empathy for your own Self, as well as others. 



When I was young, we moved all over the United States. During my teen years I was raised on a dairy farm. After pursuing a Bachelors in Anthropology, I joined the military. Due to watching too many people suffer from the effects of trauma, I am now a combat veteran with a Doctoral Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I have a beautiful son who teaches me and reminds me daily about the beauty of life.  I tell you all this because somehow in the weaving of the Universe it has all seemed to matter and helps me bring more to each treatment. We are all a host of experiences from which we learn and grow and use that information to be the best us we can. I think all these things make me successful at what I do because it is the whole human experience that matters to our healing and growth. 

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My Philosophy

How can I say that even though curve balls have kept coming my way that I believe the Universe is always conspiring for our highest good? That I believe each moment of life is a sacred journey of remembrance of who and what we truly are?  

In the past I have treated my life like a science experiment, full disclosure I still do at times. I have heard and read all the positive psychology, manifestation secrets, life affirming wisdom of the religions, philosophies, esoteric, and new age writers. I have learned from yogis, wisdom keepers, shamans, and wise ones. At times, I have done exactly what they said, other times I have totally flown the bird (I assume you are familiar of what I speak) and spat in the face of the Universe letting it know that it cannot tell me what to do. I have free will, control over my life, and I will live that fully no matter what.  

Well, every time I noticed the Universe was nudging me in one direction and I intentionally chose another, my life would fall apart. Not just that I’m having a bad day that continues for a month, but full-on chaos and challenges. To name a few: divorce, spiraling after the death of a loved one, being deployed to war zones, codependency, sexual trauma, moral injury, a stalker, financially struggling.  You name it, I believe I can honestly say “I feel you”. More times than I can count I would blame the Universe for what it was doing to me. I’m not saying trauma happens because we don’t listen to the Universe. Trauma happens period. I’m saying, I wasn’t equipped to handle the trauma because I was blaming the Universe for some of my own choices. Again, not choices to be traumatized!


So how did/do I overcome all the chaos and drama to find resiliency and trust in the wisdom of the Cosmos? It’s when I listen to the Universe and honor the direction I am taking with curiosity and an open heart and mind. It is when I fully treat my inner wisdom as the sacred, mind blowing, life affirming, voice that it is. It is when I embrace others as a loving part of creation who are in support of me, even if I don’t like what they are doing. Every time I listen, even when it’s so freaking hard to make the best choice (not necessarily the default choice where I won’t be faced with conflict) my life expands, beauty surrounds me, and I find a deeper place to dwell in my soul. I become a better person and I do better things to make the world a more loving place. This is how I know the Universe is working on my behalf, on your behalf, and has our highest good as its purpose.  

The gift this science experiment of my life has given me is to provide a space of deep listening. Listening deeply allows me to see the beauty that others are putting into the world that they are not able to see for themselves. It is a service of the soul to reflect back to others that which they overlook in themselves. It’s an opportunity to bring into perspective the possibilities that may seem out of reach because they simply overlook the gifts of their own being.  

We undertake a sacred journey when we address our own healing. The tools and wisdom that exists in our space together helps you find your own inner truth, which ultimately leads to your own healing. It is not for me to know or say what is best for you. The wisdom of a healer is bringing the tools to help you follow that path for yourself, supporting, guiding, and assisting you along the way.  

May we seek and find the sacred together in our journeys. 

I believe those of you reading this are here for a reason. The Universe has conspired to bring us together as we have something to offer one another. The benefits of connection, conversation, and unfolding have many profound rippling effects in my life as well as those I serve. I know this as I see it and experience it every day.  This fills me with immense gratitude and awe. 

I believe we are all connected and that each encounter shows us the Divine. When we are fully present, we can heal, grow, deepen, and expand our lives. It is my commitment to anyone I share space with to be that presence, to create a space of safety and trust, to reflect back to you the beauty of your journey, and to share in the way of your healing, deepening, and expansion.  

My journey has brought me happiness, the ability to adapt, change, and embrace the unknown. It has been all encompassing. It has been nothing less than remarkable. I hope the same for you. 

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