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  • Michelle Kitsmiller

50 Turns Around the Sun

For me, approaching 50 brings all the feels to the surface (in all the best ways, even the challenges). Right now, what I'm feeling so deeply is the essence of change. Not just on the precipice, or casually gazing upon the past present and future, but on a cellular level that everything within me and without is in continuous transformation. It's nothing I can control, nor from this perspective would I want to even try.... upon further introspection, it's facilitating me to another level of surrender into the needs of my soul.

As of this month I will have spent a half a century on this planet, and there’s nothing that invites change or reflections on change quite so much as a milestone like this. Have you ever had a time in your life where everything you have ever done, not done, thought, loved, lost, seen, felt, heard, all of a sudden felt like it mattered in a way and on a level you've never experienced before? I hope you've either had a moment like that or will have one at some point. It's brilliant, beautiful, and thought provoking. It's a moment that sings into life the invitation to make it all the more spectacular. I don’t have all the answers about how I’d like to live the next half of my life (hopefully!) but I've decided that whatever comes I'm going to make it spectacular, starting by living the year of Me!

And no, not the year of “me me me” in a selfish way, but in a capital-M-Me, celebrating life in an all-that-is-glorious way. I figure what better way to honor the 50 years granted to me by the Universe than to invite myself to live my fullest life? And so this year, I am inviting in more joy, fun, and happiness into my day to day. I will celebrate and integrate my body, mind, and soul in a way that embodies and reflects my whole self. I will face fears and try new things. I will practice gratitude for my physical capabilities and continue to use them to the best of my ability. I will spend time in community and sharing new experiences. I will be vulnerable, open, and most importantly to me-find places to have more impact in my life.

AND THIS IS YOUR FORMAL INVITATION TO JOIN ME! It doesn’t matter if you’re turning 50, 35, or 89! We always have this opportunity before us. We can step into our lives in such a way that invites joy and fullness. We can share the things, places, and spaces we are stepping into, including our fears and trepidations! We can embrace our wholeness and do our best to share our authentic, vulnerable selves to everyone we meet. Whatever year this is for you, make it the year of YOU! Even better if you don't wait until you're 50 :) 


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