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Connect to the wisdom of your soul

We live in uncertain times that can make us feel disconnected from each other and from ourselves. Many of us experience this as anxiety, depression, and pain.  Because our bodies hold intergenerational and intragenerational trauma as well as our own lived experiences, working with the wisdom of our bodies and our souls can help bring us into coherence.  The tools I use at Spirit of Living help you connect to your inner self, hear the words of your own soul, speak your truth, and realize what self-love is. When we heal our own wounds, we then have the energy and commitment to help others.  Our community, our world can become a healthier place. 

White Waves
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Acupuncture is the art of fine tuning the body and learning to live in it, to create healing from its own wisdom and resources. It enables your body to dissolve stagnation, build energy, and realign your own internal communication.    

Conversations we will have about your life and where disharmony is occurring inside and outside the body are crucial so that you can make changes resulting in harmonious living.   

Inner Alchemy

Esoteric acupuncture is a deep dive into your emotional work. Working with your energy, acupuncture meridian system, chakras, and sacred geometry this approach creates an expansion and awareness of life from a place of presence, unconditional love, and heart-based living. This style of acupuncture deals specifically with spirit and emotion, as well as supporting the growth areas of your life to facilitate your awakening consciousness and heal past wounds.

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Are you holding onto things that no longer serve you? Are you so stressed out you can’t even identify an answer to that question? Do you find yourself stuck in mental chatter, questioning “why is this happening?” or having difficulty making choices because the way forward seems unclear? Do you keep wondering when things will be different, and you will feel better?  Hint: These are things that bring people to coaching.  

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Meet Michelle

How can I say that even though curve balls have kept coming my way that I believe the Universe is always conspiring for our highest good? That I believe each moment of life is a sacred journey of remembrance of who and what we truly are?  

In the past I have treated my life like a science experiment, full disclosure I still do at times. I have heard and read all the positive psychology, manifestation secrets, life affirming wisdom of the religions, philosophies, esoteric, and new age writers. I have learned from yogis, wisdom keepers, shamans, and wise ones. At times, I have done exactly what they said, other times I have totally flown the bird (I assume you are familiar of what I speak) and spat in the face of the Universe letting it know that it cannot tell me what to do. I have free will, control over my life, and I will live that fully no matter what.  

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Michelle is so incredible and talented. I’ve been going for a few months now and my anxiety symptoms have improved so much! I highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking to experience this therapy.

Jasmine A.

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