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Michelle is AMAZING!!! I have been going to Michelle for years.  She is a great listener and always finds a way to make me feel better.  She has tons of knowledge in her field.  I would highly recommend her!

– Jenny


Michelle’s presence, even just simply entering the room, brings a sense of deep calm and healing. She has a gentleness and wisdom that are rare. She communicates how much she cares about your wellness by giving you her entire focus and listening fully to your concerns and questions.

I went to see Michelle with symptoms of fatigue, depression and anxiety. After just 4 visits, I felt measurably better, physically and emotionally. You don’t have to suffer…go see Michelle!

– Rachel

I want to thank you for joining my adventure 3 or so years ago.

I came to you with a life ending disease.  I needed/wanted to free myself, learn to relax, to get out of the way so my body could help heal from the inside.  I had never worked with acupuncture before.

Your insights, listening and acupuncture skills helped put us on a healing track.  We had a plan.  I began to meditate at home and during my acupuncture treatments.  You pointed me to books on meditating, we talked about them.  RESULTS CAME.

What I learned and felt from you are still part of my daily life adventure, Body, Mind, and Spirit.  You helped prepare me to participate in life’s healings, and to balance life.

I came through my Lung Transplant with flying colors.

My life is a big Miracle and YOU are part of this MIRACLE Michelle.

Love yourself & others,

– Chester


I just wanted to thank you so much for your help and healing in the last few weeks!  I am amazed at how much calmer, focused and peaceful I feel.  I am a true believer in acupuncture because of you.  Thank You!


Having completed ten treatments with you I would like to say that you are a wonderfully skilled and intuitive acupuncturist.  I know that people resist acupuncture because of the needles, and in spite of you working on very sensitive areas of my face, I found that once the needles were in place the treatments were actually very relaxing. You were extremely generous with your time and energy, treating me for a stiff neck and sore back, with great results, even when that wasn’t what I came in for. I am very pleased with the “face lift” I received and feel in better overall health due to our time together.

With great affection,


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