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The first step in your healing journey. 

How can I help you?  How do the tools I use—acupuncture, esoteric acupuncture, microneedling, and coaching—help you with your concerns?   

If your body is holding onto pain (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual), then the wisdom of Chinese medicine says that the flow of energy has stopped. Acupuncture re-establishes the flow, the pain subsides, and the nervous system relaxes. The physical body and the emotional body work in tandem, allowing the spirit to expand. As the energy shifts the physical pain is released, and the emotions flow again. 


Perhaps you are transitioning in life, as many of us are, although you may not feel physical pain, physical changes, particularly our skin, can be a little unnerving. Microneedling is technically a cosmetic procedure, however it provides so much more. When we connect to those changes and look inwardly as to why we feel this discomfort around them, we can sometimes resolve some long lasting emotional masks we’ve been wearing. Even if you don’t feel like taking a deep dive into emotions Microneedling can help soften the transition of time and give us a little more grounding as we move forward.  

If you already feel grounded, safe and secure in your life but are ready for something more, what does “more” look like?  Is it changing old habits?  Or perhaps becoming more connected to your own soul and the work you are here to do? Is it finding clarity about the infinite possibilities of your life?  This is where coaching and group work shine.  They can help you step into the fullness of who you are.  

Bring your questions to this 20 minute consultation.  We can get to know one another and have the opportunity to determine if we would be a good fit in this beautiful spiritual journey of life.   

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